Ramsey Baptist Church


Join us for our Worship service each Sunday at 10.30

We have an 'Out and about' Service in the Community every few weeks

Why not join us for refreshments both before and after each service

What to expect

Firstly you will be greeted by someone from our welcome team who will show where to go and refreshments can be enjoyed before and after the service. Please sit anywhere you are comfortable

Our style of worship is modern and informal but not casual as we are very respectful when we meet with God


We aim to keep our services fresh and applicable to our every day lives and understand that we all access things in a different way and so you will find us using, visual, audio and as is possible kin-aesthetic tools to help us engage with God

Each Service usually starts off with a welcome, prayer and reading followed by an upbeat praise time of singing and as Jesus welcomed children, we too welcome children,  so starting the worship time all together. People usually stand for the singing but please stay seated if you would rather

At some point our young people leave for their own classes and are taught by our LIGHT team who provide resources applicable to their ages

The rest of the morning usually consists of a talk explaining the Bible to help us in our everyday lives, prayers for others, time for reflection, music videos and singing. At the end of the service one of the leaders will be available for anyone wishing to chat and / or  be prayed for

After each Service which lasts about an hour / an hour and a quarter we have time to enjoy each others company over refreshments


                                                 Fruit of the Spirit rocks